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Muscadine Wine Grapes

Muscadine - A Super Grape

Which Makes Great Wine

North Carolina’s native Muscadine grapes are famous for being considered “nature’s healthiest grape” and “America’s first grape.” We would like to add that it is one of the “best grapes” for wine making and drinking. Muscadine grapes have been grown, cultivated and enjoyed since they were first discovered on the shores of North Carolina’s beautiful Outer Banks by Sir Walter Raleigh’s sailors in 1584.

The large, thick skinned grapes grow in loose clusters and unlike most grapes that are harvested by the bunch; Muscadines are typically handpicked as individual berries. Typically the wines made from the Muscadine grapes are sweet. However, the many varietals of Muscadine wines today are also being made into delicious dry and semi-dry wines.

This Super Grape contains six times the resveratrol of other red grapes and up to 40 percent more antioxidants than any other American or European grape varietals. Numerous studies over the years have recommended the health benefits of drinking a glass of red wine a day because of these nutrients found in red wine. Now consider this – one glass of Muscadine wine contains the same level of antioxidants as 40 glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon. It is also the only grape to contain the very healthy Ellagic Acid. There are so many reasons you should be drinking Muscadine wine!

Wine is not only one way to enjoy the wonders of Muscadine wine grapes. The grapes are also used to create jellies, jams, juice, pies, cider, syrup, sauces, salsa, and dressings. And they are wonderful to simply eat fresh off the vines.

Enjoy trying a variety of Muscadine wines by sampling the NC Wine Gifts Muscadine Collection. And toast to your good health!
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